Lubricating oil

                            * Lubricants are often seen as the lifeblood of air compressors! Correct selection, use, and management of lubricants can help you increase productivity and profitability.


                            * Liuzhou Fidelity has always paid attention to the performance of lubricating oils in air compressors under various harsh environments, and has brought you high quality and reliable lubricating oil products with continuous technological innovation.


                            * Liuzhou Fidelity's original rotor lubricants ensure:


                            - Longer service life


                            - Excellent oxidation resistance 


                            - Good system cleanliness 


                            - Superior performance guarantee 


                            - Excellent abrasion resistance 


                            - Deal with different types and conditions 


                            - Super oil-water separation



                            *value of customer:


                            Satisfy the match between different job requirements and maximize the use of equipment investment.


                            Reduce wear between moving parts, reduce pressure loss, improve equipment operating efficiency and save energy.


                            The oil and gas separation effect is outstanding, and the risk of pollution to downstream equipment is greatly reduced.


                            Improve the stability of equipment operation and reduce investment in maintenance and overhaul.


                            *Hazard of using counterfeit rotor lubricants:


                            The use of counterfeit rotor lubricating oil can lead to accidental damage to the main components of the equipment and increase the maintenance cost of the unit.


                            Premature wear of major components such as rotor surfaces and bearings


                            Reduce the cooling effect of bearings, air compressor rotors and other key components


                            Easy coking clogging oil filter, oil separation core, easy to oil carrying over, air quality decline.