* In compressed air systems, air filters, oil filters, and oil and gas separators are often used as an overall filter barrier to provide clean oil and gas for the stable operation of air compressors.


                            * Liuzhou Fidelity's original “Three Filters” ensures:

                            - air filter


                            - High filtration accuracy and separation efficiency


                            - Minimized pressure drop for lowest energy consumption


                            - High-quality filter media to meet challenging operating conditions


                            - Oil filter, oil separator


                            - Low fuel consumption and energy consumption


                            - Longer service life

                            * value of customer:

                            - Provide high quality and stable compressed air output to ensure production requirements


                            - Ensure minimum pressure loss in the filtration system and reduce energy consumption.


                            - Effectively extend the maintenance cycle and help reduce maintenance costs.


                            - Improve the stability of machine operation, reduce the risk of downtime, and virtually eliminate maintenance costs.